50+ Fun Summer Activities for the Entire Family that Won’t Break the Bank

Looking for fun and affordable summer activities to do with the entire family? Now that summer is officially here, we have been doing a lot of activities over the weekends and I would like to share a few with you guys.

Summer is a great time to head out of your home and get some sunshine. But all the trips, vacations and outdoor activities can quickly add up and can take your budget for a toss. Especially when you have kids or a big family, it can start getting really difficult to manage your time and money. 

Here’s a list of some fun activities for the entire family that are either completely free or that are budget friendly –

  1. Build a cardboard fort

  2. Plan a fun family game night and play board games 

  3. Make a bird feeder 

  4. Make a fairy garden 

  5. Have a  fun water balloon fight in your backyard

  6. Go on a treasure hunt in a nearby trail in your area

  7. Play Tennis or Frisbee

  8. Volunteer at a local animal shelter

  9. Donate old clothes

  10. Collect shells while you are on the beach with your kids

  11. Learn a new sport

  12. Go Geocaching with the entire family

  13. Find out free activities in your local library or in your town and attend them

  14. Fly a Kite

  15. Go Biking along a new trail

  16.  Go to the local Farmers’ Market

  17. Plant seeds and watch them grow

  18. Make homemade ice cream or ice cream cake with the kids homemade icecream

  19. Have a sleepover party

  20. Get a Live Butterfly Kit and watch the caterpillars turn into Butterflies

  21. Paint terra cotta pots and plant your favorite flowers in them

  22. Create a Popcorn Bar and enjoy a late night movie at home

  23. Have a sandcastle making competition at the beach

  24. Stargaze and find out what stars and constellations you can see by using Free Apps like SkyView

  25. Visit a Free DIY/ Crafts Workshop at stores like Michaels. Check out here to find classes near your location

  26. Go Horseback riding horseback riding in summer

  27. Camp in your Backyard

  28. Go Berry Picking in your nearest farm

  29. Declutter your closet or garage

  30. Go to a Garage Sale or Yard Sale or host your own Yard Sale

  31. Make Smores

  32. Attend a parade in your city or town

  33. Make fresh jam from fruits that are in season

    fresh jam in summer

  34. Rearrange your furniture and change the look of your home

  35. Walk barefoot in the grass

  36. Host a Potluck Party

  37. Watch a Free Outdoor Movie

  38. Go to a Restaurant where Kids Eat free

  39. Find out Free Summer Concerts in your area and attend them

  40. Collect unique shaped rocks and paint them or place them in your garden.

  41. Ask a friend or grandparent to watch the kids and go on a Date Night

  42. Have a Karaoke Night with friends and family

  43. Find out Free Cooking classes hosted at your local grocery stores and attend one of them

  44. Learn new photography skills by taking photos at different angles and at different times of the day

  45. Have a quiet family meal with no cell phones and no TV

  46. Read a book you’ve always wanted to read 

  47. Go to a few open houses near your area even if you aren’t looking to buy a house.

  48. Visit a winery offering free wine tastings and make a picnic out of it

  49. Go to one of your favorite restaurants or ice cream joints just for dessert

  50. Go Kayaking

    And a few more –

  51. Go to street fairs

  52. Take an impromptu one-day road trip

  53. Go swimming and hang out at the pool with ice cold beverages

  54. Play Xbox or PlayStation games meant for the whole family

Summer is a time of endless fun. I hope some of these ideas inspired you to create everlasting memories with your family and friends. Which of these activities are you most looking forward to?


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